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Organic Cotton Leggings - The New Shift Label

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Organic Cotton Eco Fit & Happy

Eco Fit & Happy

It has been a bit of a wait, but it’s been worth it - finally Organic Cotton Leggings have arrived. These have been designed in London by Aude Lesur and made ethically in India by DACS Manufacturing, a member of the Ethical Source Forum. This is an international forum that brings together organic cotton growers, manufacturers, designers, bloggers and retailers around the growing eco (or green) fashion industry.

But what are they like to wear? These leggings are exceptionally soft and breathable - a Shift to Nature and Customer Favourite

The Eco Credentials 

The Leggings are 95% certified Organic Cotton with 5% Elastane Jersey for a comfortable stretch. The waist band is high for good coverage - especially in Yoga inversions.Perfect also for layering and dressing up for work wear. Comfortable and strong elastic waistband.

For the Shift Label we have sourced high quality organic cotton thread for weaving and dying into the Pirate Black colour of these leggings. The Shift Label uses only that organic cotton which carries a Global Organic Textile Standard certification. The cotton has been farmed without dangerous chemicals or genetically modified plants. The GOTS standard covers processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, trade and distribution of all textiles made from minimum 70% certified organic cotton fibres. (See GOTS for more details.) The fabric is dyed and printed without toxic heavy metals, AZOs and formaldehyde (ethical to the worker and to your skin).

The Brand's Aim

The Shift Label designer in London, inspired by the Australian freshness and environment, is getting busy on new items for the new Shift Label. Developed exclusively for Shift to Nature Australia, the Shift Label gives ethical and organic a wearable and essential expression.

Developed exclusively for Shift to Nature Australia, the Shift Label gives ethical and organic a wearable and essential expression - for the busy women. As our daily busyness increases so does our awareness of our impact on the world around us - as we grow our ethical consciousness for our environment and for the Earth's future we prefer wearing caring items. The Shift Label is developing for this hope in mind - giving you an ethical intelligent choice. Our footprint is small as our entire operation is done electronically between Adelaide, Australia, London and India.