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Luxury Hemp Linen Summer Weave

Posted by Shift to Nature on

Hemp Linen is Unique! We are not suggesting, of course, that you try to consume the hemp in these beautiful summer dresses, other than wear it. 

The properties of linen made from the Cannabis plant ticks many eco and ethical boxes. Hemp fabric has strength and durability at its core; as such it has traditionally made the best sail canvas (canvas is a word derived from its root cannabis) rope and industrial fabrics. Growing the plant for producing goods is sustainable with low water usage and many environmental benefits. Hemp is know as a "mop-crop" because it cleans and purifies the soil its grown in from chemicals. Hemp is being used to clean contaminants at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site. 

When designed by Anny Duff, the creator of BGoods, Adelaide, however, the softest hemp linen is chosen for luxury ethical and eco clothing. The Slip dress, the Racer dress and the Shell top, pants and shorts model true slow fashion. They will outlast clothes made from any other organic fabric. Hemp Linen is elegant to wear, breathable, and the highest UV factor of any natural fabric. BGoods uses quality hemp linen that is dyed and then handmade into well cut and structured styled pieces. This contemporary Hemp Linen is made to be smoother and softer than older linen textile products and holds beautiful rich color.

Anny and her team practice ethical and social business in a few ways, they are a member of the Carbon Neutral Plant a Tree program. Part of the proceeds from each sale goes toward planting a native Australian tree. BGOODS is also a member of a foundation in Bali where its items are made, and gives part of the profits to providing housing, medical care, and other basic needs to people living in poorer parts of the country. Purchasing a BGOODS item contributes to making Australia greener and to helping impoverished lives in Bali – a very compassionate item.

Hemp Linen Summer Dresses