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Its Hot ! So Shift is Holding The Great T-Shirt Sale | Soft Organic Cotton | City Chic

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Hot Plastic Clothes

Its hot, hot hot - what I hate in hot weather is wearing sticky sweaty virtually plastic clothing. Too much polyester and lycra has pushed out the cotton percentages from our clothes. Yes it makes clothes cheap, kmart cheap, - but I feel it makes them unwearable, for me mostly because it increases my irritability. The quality of the cotton that remains is also dubious : 1 kilogram of normal cotton production uses 1/4 synthetic fertilizers, the cotton can also be treated, to make it stronger, yes; more plastic, also yes. The cotton thread can also be mixed with polyester fibers to create the thread and fabric, without needing to state this on any labelling. Organic cotton is chemical pesticide and fertilizer free - it is soft and cool.

Natural Glamour or Fashionable Irritability

Its fabulous to look glamorous - and I don't mind a bit of toe-squish pain in heels for a night out. But all day wearing mostly polyester black skinny jeans and a polyester/elastene top - which, believe or not, says on the tag "Think Climate Change | Cold Wash Line Dry | 100% Polyester" - hypocritical?!? Quite unbearable!

And don't even get me started on the ickyness of polyester stockings and underwear. Your doctor will always recommend cotton underwear for breathe-ablity - pity (or not) the fast fashion industry that is not selling health and long term comfort. 

At the end of a 30 degree C heated day in the city and the Moth (Man of the House) and I are getting a bit short of temper with each other. Imagine that he, with less than Clark Kent verve, walks in the door and strips out of a hot suit, down to (hopefully) cotton boxers, then proceeds his affair with the fridge and all that it contains. Conversation with me only resumes in a cool happy-buddha like state. (We are working on stocking organic cotton and eco Men's Wear if basically to promote cool relationships). 

So enough with the rant and on with the sale - organic cotton t-shirts are soft, smart and sexy - they are also on sale! Get cool and comfortable - reduce your stress and irritability - look fabulous!

Great City Cool T-Shirt Sale