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​Commentary on Globalism in The Eco Fashion Space

Posted by Shift to Nature on

At Shift To Nature we do keep up with global news in the industry of clothing, textiles and fashion. The news broke today that a .com called raised a multimillion dollar funding round and became the first $1 billion company in the fashion ecommerce space. So we checked it out. What we found was a very unique retail model that gathers together boutiques – however selling known luxury items. The customer can purchase these items and receive them very quickly, because it is platform that connects actual stores in a web like network, removing the need for the platform to carry stock.

Well that’s cool – however it is cool for those luxury brands that are sold worldwide anyway. This continues to grow the already big brands – while small truly independent designers are squeezed out of the consumer view – even online. Shift to Nature and the brands it stocks are envious of this kind of investment that would be difficult, impossible, for us to raise and therefore threatens further the ability for the small niches to survive. It may be indeed “survival of the fittest” for the biggest – rather than a level playing field for all.

Such developments in the Luxury space only maintains the status quo of the privileged Luxury space – made it available to more of those few who can afford it, with no referencing of provenance, eco or fair trade attributes.

It is important to press on and to continue to generate our local economies. I think in Australia we are further away and we can independently create innovative spaces and marketplaces. It is our hope to continue to be able to build up access to new eco fashion brands.

In this market, given the limitations and continued domination of big brands, we press on – and Shift To Nature wishes to support and find all high quality brands in this space, to include in the collection. With great thanks to the designers ALAS the Label, Eleven44, FROM UK, Betty Browne, B Goods, A Peace Treaty, and more.