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Standing Pose Perfection 

Organic Cotton Leggings - The New Shift Label

Eco Fit & HappyIt has been a bit of a wait, but it’s been worth it - finally Organic Cotton Leggings have arrived. These have been designed in London by Aude Lesur and made ethically in India by DACS Manufacturing, a member of the Ethical Source Forum. This is an international forum that brings together organic cotton growers, manufacturers, designers, [...]

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Do you reflect on love?

“If my love could be represented by a blur, it would be the beating of a hummingbird’s wings. Did you know that my love is the only love that can fly backwards?”―Jarod Kintz, A Zebra is the Piano of the Animal Kingdom Do you reflect on love? At Shift we think about love as an active movement of an [...]

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​Commentary on Globalism in The Eco Fashion Space

At Shift To Nature we do keep up with global news in the industry of clothing, textiles and fashion. The news broke today that a .com called raised a multimillion dollar funding round and became the first $1 billion company in the fashion ecommerce space. So we checked it out. What we found was a very unique retail [...]

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Its Hot ! So Shift is Holding The Great T-Shirt Sale | Soft Organic Cotton | City Chic

Hot Plastic ClothesIts hot, hot hot - what I hate in hot weather is wearing sticky sweaty virtually plastic clothing. Too much polyester and lycra has pushed out the cotton percentages from our clothes. Yes it makes clothes cheap, kmart cheap, - but I feel it makes them unwearable, for me mostly because it [...]

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Organic Cotton Australian Summer

Australian & NZ fashion stylists and designers stretch the edges of organic hippy toward relaxed contemporary everyday. Down Under we would live in our weekend wear all day, everyday, if we could. We are lucky that our lifestyle permits – jeans + heels + relaxed T-Shirts with a sweet jacket. Easy everyday wear gets the Luxury organic cotton treatment on [...]

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Luxury Hemp Linen Summer Weave

Hemp Linen is Unique! We are not suggesting, of course, that you try to consume the hemp in these beautiful summer dresses, other than wear it. The properties of linen made from the Cannabis plant ticks many eco and ethical boxes. Hemp fabric has strength and durability at its core; as such it has traditionally made [...]

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The Harsh Cost of Leather

So its tricky about Leather. It is such a lovely old world material. It lasts and wears beautifully such that we love it even more when it is old. It has a certain status about it, that we literally buy into. It is an ancient craft and served as a function of using the whole [...]

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To Iron or Not to Iron? Organic Cotton Bed Linen

This is the question that our great grandmothers couldn't have conceived of asking, as their high quality linens and clothes needed to be ironed and starched – in fact the industry of clothes cleaning has grown exponentially along with the fashion industry and has led to many women being able to free up their time [...]

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No Lycra Please - Active Wear that Breathes

No Lycra Please: FROM Clothing creates these high quality 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton Fitness pieces. They are soft, they breathe and counter much of the commercial Yoga wear companies by design and comfort.An alternative to Lycra yoga wear that is plastic clothing. 100% organic cotton by GOTS Sustainable textile methods, certified and inspected. The [...]

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