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Jog Shorts Jog | Recycled PET | Who is Chasing Your Tail?

Editor’s Notes:
Arrived! black jogging shorts - Jog Girl Jog! Made from recycled PET, keep recycling these plastic bottles and wear these shorts.
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Run like a #GirlBoss - Perfect Ethical Running Shorts in Recycled PET 

What is Recycled PET? Tricky question: At Shift we are Anti-Polyester, however we can't ignore that polyester is the most prevalent fabric. Made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), Polyester is used in more than 50% of fabric produced. Polyester is fast-fashion. So it exists, it is non-renewable as it is made from petroleum, it is in no way organic, nylon fabrics are toxic, it does not biodegrade BUT we can recycle it.

PET is recycled from plastic drink bottles - so yes, please do keep recycling those Coke Zero bottles. Recycled polyester is considered to be an eco textile, green even, because less energy is needed to make it than what is needed to make original polyester. Furthermore we want to keep the plastic bottles out of landfill as much as we can.

OK but what about these shorts: ALAS introduces its cute running shorts that are also moisture wicking due to the finish of the rPET fabric. Firm elastic waistband sits mid-waist for comfort and movement. V-shaped sides. Pair with the T-Shirt to complete the look. Its all about cuteness and ethics while flexing your jogging talent. Even if, like me, its just to catch a runaway dog.




The ALAS Sleepwear Brand has a Regular Australian/UK Fit.
Model wears standard 8=XS
Size AU 8 – XS (UK 8, US 4, EU 36)
Size AU 10 – S (UK 10, US 6, EU 38)
Size AU 12 – M (UK 12, US 8, EU 40)
Size AU 14 – L (UK 14, US 10, EU 42)
Size AU 16 – XL (UK 16, US 12, EU 44)


ALAS the Label sources GOTS certified Organic Cotton in Jersey, Fleece and other blends. The cotton has been farmed without dangerous chemicals or genetically modified plants. The GOTS standard covers processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, trade and distribution of all textiles made from minimum 70% certified organic cotton fibres. (See GOTS for more details.) The fabric is dyed and printed in ALAS signature designs without toxic heavy metals, AZOs and formaldehyde (ethical to the worker and to your skin).

ALAS Sleepwear is an Australian Brand created to be socially and ecologically responsible and who continue to search for ways to lessen their impact on the environment through sustainable processes and selection of fabrics used in their designs. ALAS uses recycled materials in its packaging and branding. ALAS produce in India.