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The Harsh Cost of Leather

Posted by Sonja - Shift to Nature on

So its tricky about Leather. It is such a lovely old world material. It lasts and wears beautifully such that we love it even more when it is old. It has a certain status about it, that we literally buy into. It is an ancient craft and served as a function of using the whole animal.

However today it is a chemical laden carcinogenic process. With toxic risks to the makers, even if made in "Western Countries" as it is in Sweden, the 250 chemicals used are hazardous, and animals are being slaughtered just for leather goods rather than there being a sustainable chain of production of using the whole animal. Here is a 7min video - not for the faint of heart:

Being an EcoGeek I was interested to discover efforts to produce more sustainable and less toxic leather-type material made from plant materials. Love it! A 2 min video